Mamiya 645 - Shannon

Funny Story: Before I started on my journey to do photography full time, I had this bizzare ambition to become a cobbler. That’s right, someone who cobbles, repairs shoes, ideally, someone who more than often wears a cool yet practical leather vest that hold various tools to help me repair a sole to perfection. Can you tell I know nothing about cobbling? Am I even using that word correctly? There was something about working with my hands; being handy, being niche, that I found so appealing. Sitting in a workshop all day and being ‘the guy’ you would go to to fix your shoe. I mean, how many cobblers are out there? I certainly wouldn’t assume it’s a booming profession.

Anyways, I’m sure you could guess, that never happened. I ended up saving up for a digital camera, and two months later, I was full time.

You might be wondering why I’m talking about cobbling on a blog about photography but I promise you there’s a point. You see, I finally made a shift (part time) into taking photos on film. It kind of, in a big way, scratches that itch to be more in touch with my work. To be more hands on. To slow down. Am I spending hours developing film in a darkroom every week? No. But I’ve made the first big step in investing in an old medium format camera. It takes beautiful photos and I’m in love with the process! Here’s a few images from my first roll of 120mm film shot by me on my Mamiya 645.


Huge thanks to my beautiful Shannon who played a big part in creating these wonderful photographs.